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The following past MFSC awards from 2004 to 1992 are grouped by award type.


  • 2004 Karen Robinson, Jackson County Friend of the Court - This individual has more than 19 years in the business of child support in this state. Part of this time was spent with the State Court Administrator's Office while the remainder has been in the front lines of Friend of the Court work. This person has consistently taken the lead in major office projects and has been the "go to" person for major state initiatives. They are described as the quiet, reliable type who gets the job done with integrity and without fanfare. Her job duties include personnel management; development, implementation and operation of office computer systems; drafting and monitoring the office budget; interpretation and application of court rules and office policies; educational program development; establishing and maintaining auditing controls; work flow design; records management; and oversight of general office operations. The chief Judge of the circuit where this individual is employed describes them as the reliable and invaluable resource and leader in the constantly changing and challenging FOC environment, who has played a crucial role in improving service to the public.  
  • 2003 Harry Moxley
  • 1999 Wayne County FOC for its non-custodial parent program  
  • 1998 Medical Support Enforcement System (MSES), Wayne County
  • 1997 Alan Zoltowski, Office of Midland County Friend of the Court, for creating Michigan's first IV-D web site
  • 1996 Detroit Lions/Office of Child Support public relations project, "Fatherhood Can Be Child's Play", received by Eileen Schraben
  • 1995 William D. Camden, Kent County Friend of the Court
  • 1993 Dr. Henry Gershowitz of National Legal Labs
  • 1992 S.M.I.L.E. (Start Making It Livable For Everyone) Program, received by Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Sosnick



PA150044-Changedrev2004 Mary Beth Kur, Charlevoix County - This award recipient is described by staff as a role model in both their professional and personal lives. They are noted as having a wealth of experience, abilities, service to others, and passion as a prosecutor that is unparalleled by any other attorney. Prosecuting a homicide is made to look easy by this individual, along with having a passion for the office child support division. They are described as a leader who truly understands that a happy employee is a productive employee, while still having faith that staff will step forward and accomplish what needs to be done. This person has fully supported a community outreach program that was developed to educate the community and willingly accept cases and inquiries, so that no one is turned away or left without options. Under this person's leadership the office policy has developed to establish paternity for every child who comes through the office and the increase in orders is a testament to that effort.


  • 2003 Merrell S. Hazel
  • 1999 Ramona Fernandez, Washtenaw County  
  • 1998 Scott Teter, Cass County
  • 1997 Cathy Church, Marquette County
  • 1996 Marilyn Stephen, Jackson County
  • 1995 Geoffrey K. Rettig, Midland County
  • 1994 David Case, Oakland County
  • 1993 Ann Mattson, Washtenaw County
  • 1992 Richard Santoni, Kalamazoo County



PA150052-Changedrev2004 Cheryl Gines, Child Support Coordinator Kalkaska County - This year's recipient has been in the front lines of child support establishment for more than 18 years. They are described by the County Prosecuting Attorney as having equal parts of knowledge, experience, diligence, hard work, kindness and understanding with love of children and a commitment to their well being in the forefront. The Family Court Judge of this person's county describes them as a self-starter who is very conscientious, competent, and hard working, along with being very thorough in their work. Even the local Friend of the Court office recognizes the outstanding contributions this person has made to the children of their community by describing them as extremely knowledgeable, professional in every sense, and always available to assist FOC staff when questions arise. They also note that in addition to that professionalism this person has a kind and giving nature.


  • 2003 Patrick C. Murphy
  • 1997 Katherine Hufnagel, Clinton County  
  • 1995 Kori Rolison, Barry County
  • 1994 Kirsten Bukowski, Otsego County
  • 1993 Ronda Patrick, Ionia County
  • 1992 Lisa Selleck, Shiawassee County



PA150047-Changedrev2004 George Ebenhoeh, Charlevoix County - The 2004 Friend of the Court Award is being presented to an individual with nearly 30 years serving the families of his community. This person has promoted the theory that the Friend of the Court office exists to ensure financial support for children, to facilitate both parents spending time with their children, and to teach parents to communicate at a level that would allow them to manage their own affairs. This individual is described by his Circuit Judge as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable Friends in the state. The office policies and procedures established by this recipient have been copied in Friend of the Court offices throughout Michigan, due to the high degree of logic that went into creating them. This type of leadership has been a key element in this person's approach to operating through the complex issues surrounding Friend of the Court work, and the respect that other Friends offer is evidence of his leadership.


  • 2003 Charlene K. Baker
  • 1999 Kim Bateman, Wayne County  
  • 1995 Lynn Jakubiak, St. Clair County
  • 1994 Michael Day, Allegan County
  • 1993 Marie McNamara, Luce County
  • 1992 William Thistlewait, St. Joseph County



PA150048-Changedrev2004 Mary Jo Carroccio, Supervisor, Ingham County - Another 30-year employee is about to be recognized for the Friend of the Court Staff Award. During those 30 years this person has literally trained and supervised an entire generation of FOC employees, for whom her patience, hard work, and dedication have set an outstanding example of commitment to the families of her community and state. This person has talents within FOC operational perspectives that are respected throughout Michigan. Her demonstrated knowledge and expertise in the extremely complex and ever changing area of Interstate Enforcement has made her the "go to" person in Michigan and has left a long trail of children being properly supported as a result of her efforts. This person's unflagging optimism, patience and willingness to always turn the other cheek when confronted with a difficult situation is a testament to her professional competence.


  • 2003 Lois A. Keoshian
  • 1999 Carl McCoy, Wayne County  
  • 1998 Susan Fox, Macomb County
  • 1995 Beverly Hagerman, Oakland County
  • 1994 Edward J. Staffeld, Jackson County
  • 1993 Terry Novakoski, Kent County
  • 1992 Tina Rounds, Bay County



PA150050-Changedrev2004 Mike McCormick, Area Manager OCS - The person selected, as this year's recipient of the Outstanding Office of Child Support Award is well deserving of the honor. With nearly 25 years in the child support business he has established himself as a leader and a person who is respected throughout the child support community. He is described as a devoted worker and strong advocate for both clientele and colleagues. His compassion and empathy were never more apparent than during the Office of Child Support field staff centralization when he worked long hours, many miles from his home and family. During this period he offered comfort, insight and understanding to his staff. By this type of caring, dedication, and selflessness he has shown himself to be an outstanding leader and a person who is looked up to be all.



  • 2003 Sue Ellen Andrews
  • 1998 Ether Johnson, Ingham County  
  • 1996 Duke LaBerge, Ingham County
  • 1994 Sue Ellen Andrews
  • 1993 Joan Slee
  • 1992 Andrew Frederick



  • 2004 Dick Wood, Child Support Specialist Lead Worker Central Operations - This recipient has many years of service to Michigan, to the child support community, and is most deserving of the Outstanding Office of Child Support Field Staff Award. He is described as a caring and compassionate lead worker who is constantly putting the needs of others ahead of himself. During times of staffing shortages he has willingly accepted the additional responsibility of managing a full caseload along with his normal duties. This person does a superb job, with no expectation of reward or acknowledgement of his efforts, and is a credit to all that is good in the child support arena.
  • 2003 Carolyn Mahaz
  • 1997 Bonnie DeFrees, Gladwin County and Cathy Zachow, Livingston County  
  • 1996 Pat Flannery, Barry County
  • 1995 Nancy Christ, Wayne County and Cheri Lee, Sanilac County
  • 1994 Linda Marks, Jackson County
  • 1993 Mary Bentley, Lapeer County
  • 1992 Mark J. Authier, Midland County

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