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The Michigan Family Support Council (MFSC) is a non-profit organization that was established in 1982 and consists of members who work in child support and understand Michigan’s needs for professional development training, and the importance of program involvement to support Michigan families.

Our Mission Statement

Supporting, protecting, and promoting the rights of minor children by providing information and services to those officials responsible for the investigation and recommendation of custody, parenting time, and the establishment and collection of child support.

Regular membership is limited to those persons who are Prosecuting Attorneys, Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys, and their staff; Friends of the Court and their staff; and the Office of Child Support, Support Specialists and their staff. The Michigan Family Support Council currently is divided into the following four organizational regions:

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Associate membership is open to any person or persons actively engaged in enhancing the objectives of this Council, upon approval of the Board of Directors. Associate members shall enjoy every privilege of this Council except the right to vote and hold office.