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Who We Are

The Michigan Family Support Council (MFSC) is a non-profit organization that was established in 1982 and consists of members who work in the child support services community and understand Michigan’s needs for professional development training, and the importance of program involvement to support Michigan families.  The MFSC is comprised of 100% non-paid volunteers and it is governed by elected State Officers, Board of Directors, Associate Members, four Regional Councils, and several Committees.

  • Mission
  • Membership
  • Purpose

Families First

Supporting, protecting, and promoting the rights of minor children by providing information and services to those officials responsible for the investigation and recommendation of custody, parenting time, and the establishment and collection of child support.

Child Support Professionals

Membership to MFSC is limited to those persons who are Prosecuting Attorneys, Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys, and their staff; Friends of the Court and their staff; and the Office of Child Support, Support Specialists and their staff. The MFSC is currently organized into four regions across Michigan.

Purpose of MFSC

  1. Provide a representative organization for all domestic relations personnel in the State comprised of membership from counties who have joined or may later join.
  2. Promote and maintain uniform standards and procedures within the statewide domestic relations system.
  3. Encourage desirable programs representing the common interest of the children and their families involved in domestic relations problems in the State of Michigan.
  4. Provide a forum for the continued study of child support enforcement problems and the improvement of child support enforcement procedures.
  5. Sponsor, promote and present training programs relating to domestic relations, as needed by the membership.
  6. Promote and foster effective communication among members of this Council.
  7. Encourage the preservation of the Family Unit whenever possible.

Meet our State Officers, Board of Directors and Associate Members who volunteer their time and expertise to managing and delivering our training events.

Participate in a regional spring training event or join a regional council to represent your local office. Visit our county map and regional pages to learn more.

Participate in our largest annual fall conference event with an average of over 40 workshops and 500 attendees or volunteer on a committee to support our cause.